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I felt like i will die and realize that its a very truth of my society these days .And i felt absolutely NUMB . Dying just by not getting my basic needs is so truth of my country.

When i realize that i have been paying taxes for getting education, health services(Medicines,Normal checkups) and for getting basic other needs and in many other forms both direct and indirect taxes. And when i plot a chart from very early days of my life to today it seems no less than a exponential curve.

It drives me crazy looking at my present. All paid sums seems gone very far, seriously its not in the air i breath, its very stinky. Leaders still think constructing roads and all is a massive thing they do. No one is concern about the basic needs and its equal distribution. No one feels that happiness is a wealth. And to keep people happy is not that hard leaders, just give them security of basic needs.

That’s all we all want for now. People must realize. Don’t hit your hand hard after some fancy word from our leaders who were playing from very long time with our many generation. Listen it twice and take it wisely.

To conclude.” Throw a piece of a shit to a dog and he will always be within your chain”

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